Summary of the Slot Game Taco Fury XXXtreme

Some people find great happiness in exploring the world through its cuisines and expanding their palate. The website Bucket List Journey suggests that some of the most exotic foods you could taste on your travels are Thai ants egg soup, llama meat from South America, and Mongolian airag, an alcoholic milk. McDonald’s and Burger King may seem to be on every block, but the world’s cuisines still have the potential to shock and amaze. You’ll need a strong stomach to enjoy the tasty treats in Taco Fury XXXtreme, an online slot game developed by NetEnt. ‘Ground hoomin brainz’ is a main component in the zombie chef’s tacos in this game.

Yes, it’s disgusting, but the graffiti-covered, broken-down food truck advertising itself as Taco Fury XXXtreme outside a fairground actually looks pretty cool. Taco Fury XXXtreme is the antithesis of NetEnt’s Fruit Shop Megaways in terms of design and atmosphere. Nice presentation, but I’m still not convinced by this chef’s claims.

The game grid of Taco Fury XXXtreme consists of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 9 fixed bet lines, and it is rammed up against the side of the truck. There is an extra row of three seats up above, and their capabilities will be discussed below. Taco Fury XXXtreme is, maybe unexpectedly given the name, a low volatility game, with three different RTP values depending on the model, the highest of which is 96.05%. Players can choose wagers from 10 p/c to £/€200 every spin, and there are two bonus buys available (details below).

All winning combos on Taco Fury XXXtreme’s 9 paylines must start on the leftmost reel. Royals from the 10s to the aces, shoes, toothy drinks, spiky rollers, eyed bottles, and chef symbols can all help you win with just three of them. As we’ll see, wilds can occur in a variety of ways, but they all have the same purpose: to stand in for conventional pay symbols when necessary. Taco Wild is the standard wild.

Slot Functions for the XXXtreme Taco Fight

Wild Explosions, Respins, and a XXXtreme Spins upgrade are just a few of the goodies oozing out of this taco.

Crazy Detonations

Wild Explosion symbols from Chef Zombie’s Special Sauce can appear in a second row above reels 2, 3, and 4 on every spin. When Taco Wilds fall under a Wild Explosion sign, that symbol will drop onto the Taco Wilds, activating the corresponding modifier.

A Taco Wild is added to each adjacent reel and the Orange Wild’s win multiplier is increased by 1.

Red Wild – its win multiplier is raised by 1, and it gains a Taco Wild on either side.

Purpler Wild – boosts its win multiplier by one and sprinkles two or three Taco Wilds throughout the board at random.


After a round of adding or upgrading Taco Wilds with the Wild Explosion, chains will appear to hold them in place on the grid. Then, all spots other than the Taco Wild are given a free respin.

Hyperbolic Twisters

According to the rules sheet, there are two different XXXtreme Spins features that can be triggered by impatient zombie fans who can’t stand waiting for the end of the world. This includes:

You’ll get one Wild Explosion for every 20x your wager.

Two Wild Explosions are guaranteed for a stake of 60x.

Slot Judgment in Taco Fury XXXtreme

So far, the XXXtreme line has been a wild roller coaster ride, taking us from the cosmos of Starburst XXXtreme to the sugary liquids of Milkshake XXXtreme and, most recently, to zombie tacos. Just where does NetEnt plan to take things? There is just no way to speculate. Decoupage XXXtreme, if I may suggest. Okay, let’s have a look. Taco Fury XXXtreme is all we’ve got for the time being, and despite the name, it’s not really extreme. Taco Fury XXXtreme falls short of the expectations set by its title, even if the XXXtreme part of the name refers mainly to the bonus buy menu.

On the plus side, Taco Fury XXXtreme looks cool, and a zombie is serving tacos stuffed with brains; who would have guessed? It’s obvious that NetEnt poured a lot of imagination into Taco Fury XXXtreme when making it. While not terrible, the features may feel lacking in variety given the absence of a true bonus game. Despite this, the gameplay makes more sense than the admittedly entertainingly weird cover tale because the respins feature is consistent with the XXXtreme Spins theme. However, this also means that the maximum win on Taco Fury XXXtreme is capped at 533x the player’s wager, which isn’t exactly mind-blowing compared to the other two slots in the XXXtreme series or the vast majority of online slots in general.

Considering its visual style, subject matter, and unique collection of features, Taco Fury XXXtreme operates in a niche market. In all honesty, it’s hard to think of anything else quite like it. The end result is a slot that is so specific that it might appeal to a very specific subset of players, while also sending others scrambling for a dictionary to figure out why their understanding of “extreme” differs so drastically from Taco Fury XXXtreme’s.

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