Pantasia Casino is a casino located in the city of Pantasia.

Pantasia Casino Rating and Review

“Allow us to delight you!” exhorts Pantasia Casino, and why shouldn’t it be allowed to? In the event that your notion of fun involves browsing outdated websites that inspire vague recollections of the internet’s genesis, Pantasia Casino is the place to be.

While looks aren’t everything, this website should have you fleeing for cover just based on how it seems. Blink at the animations that aren’t in sync with the music. People gasp in surprise at the strange transitions. Make a snorting sound at the clashing colors. Pantasia Casino, on the other hand, isn’t much of a looker. In the event that you are determined to give the casino a try, whether out of morbid curiosity or out of pure bloodthirsty desperation, you will discover an old site that still has current games.

Pantasia Casino offers a diverse selection of entertainment options, ranging from progressive slots to table games. Regardless matter whether you were imprisoned in a room till the end of time with Pantasia as the only website you were able to see, there is no doubt that having it in your life would be a source of great gratitude. However, outside of that dystopian vision, if you were asked to compile a list of the top 100 online casinos, let’s just say that Pantasia would not even come close to making the cut. For the record, the site is owned and managed by SSC Entertainment NV, which has been granted a gaming license by the Curacao Gaming Commission.

What Exactly Is the Situation with Pantasia?

More oddities are discovered when the Pantasia Casino is investigated in more detail. Similar to the site’s emblem, which has a purple theatrical mask enclosed in a gold cage. With the addition of the art deco typography at the top of the page, it all suggests that the site is evoking memories of a simpler period — a time when clean design, user experience, and mobile-compatibility were not required.

The site is accessible in three languages – English, Italian, and German – or four if you include Web 1.0 as one of the languages. One of the boxes on the site’s homepage lists the most recent winners, which may be found by scrolling down. When you click on the arrow, it will transition away from you, revealing a list of 1 – Riccardo C won €1,575 while playing Spy Game. And that’s all there is to say about Pantasia’s present position on the honor list.

Getting Things Started

Should you sign up for a Pantasia Casino account? It’s a significant question. If it’s a decision you’re truly considering, there are a few of modest incentives that could help you make up your mind. According to the offer that is advertised on the site, the potential of receiving $15 simply for joining up, as well as a 100 percent first deposit bonus, is the most compelling selling point. When you click on the opportunity to learn more, a download window will appear instead of the information you requested. Wow, that was simple, tiger! Pantasia seems to be eager for your business, based on the information available.

In order to take the next step, go to the Download part of our website and download and install Pantasia’s software on your computer. As you may have guessed, Mac, smartphone, and tablet users will be unable to participate in the casino’s activities. However, the Play Instantly link on the main menu does not seem to go you anywhere, and downloading the game appears to be the only viable option.

Pantasia is a financial institution.

When you’re ready to make your initial deposit at Pantasia, you’ll have a respectable variety of different payment choices to choose from. Consider using a payment method such as Neteller, EcoPayz, UseMyBank, Skrill, Ukash, or a credit card in the form of a Visa or MasterCard. In the event that you win at the casino, you may withdraw your winnings using Neteller, EcoPayz, Skrill, or Click2Pay, all of which are free of charge.

In most situations, there is a $2,000 monthly withdrawal limit, unless you are a VIP and have agreed to a larger amount with the casino.

Pantasia features a comprehensive FAQ section, however sadly it does not provide information on the maximum and minimum deposit amounts. It also doesn’t say how long it takes to process withdrawal requests after they are submitted.

Customer Service is available.

While the FAQ page on the site has a great deal of information, it isn’t very well organized or user-friendly. If you still have issues after reading through the FAQ, Pantasia offers a “24 hour email service,” which is probably the same as a normal email service. There is additional telephone help accessible from 12pm to 4am GMT, which is available seven days a week. There is a toll-free number offered, but there is no live chat available.

Pantasia’s Promotional Campaigns

As previously stated, new players will get a $15 no deposit bonus upon registration. Download the casino program, install it, and establish an account, after which you will get 15 dollars to use as you see fit in the casino. Those $15 will seem like a drop in the bucket when you see the $777 welcome bonus that awaits you after you make your first deposit with the casino.

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