Despite regulations, online gaming in SA grows.

With one of the most strong gaming economies in Africa and one of the world’s fastest expanding gambling markets, While the business has a long history in the nation, gaming is only legal for a little over two decades.

However, it is still new enough that internet gambling is not yet allowed and regulated.

Given the ease of access to the internet and compatible devices, the worldwide online gambling industry’s expansion cannot be ignored. In essence, despite the prohibitions currently in place, new SA online casinos for real money continue to flourish rapidly.

National Gambling Board Clarifies

The National Gambling Board (NGB), South Africa’s gambling authority and regulator, has released information aimed at increasing openness around internet casinos. According to the board, internet casino gambling is still illegal in the nation, and anybody caught breaking the law might face steep penalties.

Online sports betting is the only kind of online betting that the NGB recognizes and authorizes. As it turns out, several online casinos have pretended to be unaware of the legality of online sports betting. The NGB is currently monitoring all non-sports betting internet casinos.

“To remove any doubt, the NGB wants to state categorically that online or interactive gambling is not lawful in South Africa, with the exception of online sports betting. The NGB will thereby promote adherence to federal and provincial gaming laws. Those who choose to engage in illicit activity will face serious consequences.”

— says a National Gambling Board press release.

Notably, South Africa has already created a framework for internet gaming. An amendment to the National Gambling Amendment Act of 2008 (NGAA) passed in July 2008, but it has yet to take effect.

This is because before law can be enacted, it must be published in the Government Gazette, which no president has done. The National Gambling Act of 2004 outlaws online casino games, thus operators and players must comply. But does it work?

Online Gambling’s Growth

According to a new Statista analysis, the South African online casino gambling sector is booming and set to continue expanding. Largely due to the emergence of technology businesses and supporting technologies such as smartphones and mobile payment systems. All of this has created a highly potential online and mobile gaming sector.

As previously stated, only online sports betting is legal in SA. This hasn’t prevented offshore gambling operators from entering the market with their own tempting offerings. To begin with, these companies not only provide online sports betting, but also an excellent selection of slots, table games, and speciality titles. Not only that, but many of these sites also provide incredibly significant bonuses and even live online gambling choices. These enticing offerings have kept the business alive for so long.

There have been some failures, but you can always count on these firms to find ways around the law and current processes. The payment part of these online casinos is a good example. With the advent of digital currencies and eWallets, South African gamblers may now readily access iGaming sites without payment limitations. These services are so widely available and strongly embedded in the country’s gambling culture that it would not be shocking if online casinos are ever allowed.

What Lies Ahead?

Hopefully, as when it allowed online sports betting, South Africa will take a risk at some time. Some online sportsbooks have already started contacting authorities to discuss the advantages of a legalized and regulated iGaming industry. That’s a solid start. It may even be simpler than we believe, given that all that is required is the publication of the 2008 gaming amendment in the Gazette.

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